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Background Checks: Verification Solutions for Employment Screenings

These types of sites are useful for employers who need to complete quick background checks on potential employees. On the other hand, private investigators can do what websites cannot: collect and interpret detail on a personal level.

How to get a legitimate background check

Private investigators ask questions and get a feel for individuals and are thus a preferred method for more sensitive work. Secure government work often requires extensive background checks that include personal investigations. Options 6 through 8 includes the information that the individual provides: 6 employment history, 7 academic history and 8 personal references. When a potential employee completes an application, he is generally required to supply a variety of details about personal history.

The employee can take this opportunity to contact previous employers and verify the job, as well as ask questions about the employee.

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In addition, employers can contact academic institutions to verify dates of attendance and graduation. Finally, personal references give the employer a chance to communicate with those who know the employee personally and can offer a more personal sense of who this individual is. Information about conferences that an employee attended or organizations in which an employee was involved sometimes pop up in a Google search.

What is more social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook allow people to post personal details, and the employer can review a social networking site to understand the potential employee better. How do you ensure confidential information is secure? What is negligent hiring? How far back does an employment background check go?

You are legally obligated to go through the following steps to disqualify someone employment due to the results of the background check: Provide your applicant with a pre-adverse action letter, a copy of the entire background report, a Summary of your Rights Under the FCRA form, and if in California, The California Statement of Consumer Rights form. The pre-adverse action letter must include the name of the CRA, address and phone number so your applicant can contact the CRA, if they wish to do so, in order to find out the details regarding the negative information they wish to dispute.

Does your price include a 9-panel drug test?

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If so, when is your accreditation up for renewal? Note: we are also ISO certified Do you cap your county criminal searches, if the volume of individual counties ever go over a certain amount per candidate on an order?

Do you charge extra for additional attempts? Below is a example of pending notes that our clients can view from the search page: Do we have a dedicated customer service team and point of contact? What times are our customer service teams available? Do you have offices in all time zones? Are you currently in any litigation or have ever been in class action litigation?

If so, can you describe the general cases and when they occurred? No to both questions, we have been in business for 15 years. How much would you charge if we move to a new ATS in the future e. Yes, this language is already in our end-user client service agreement. Yes, we can schedule a monthly meeting to discuss performance and concerns re: reviewing turnaround time, volume trends and efficiencies Will there be any additional charge for monthly meetings with turnaround time and volume data provided and discussed each month in a set conference call with each local system?

There would not be any additional cost incurred. What do you charge, if anything, for candidate contact if we select an adverse action based on results of your report? Do you review and audit all national criminal database potential hit information at the local counties for false positive information? Yes, any hits on our database searches must be researched in the county of record. Do you charge for the review of potential hits at the local county levels?

Yes, there is an additional charge for each hit at the county level search. Do we have access to all of your senior management personnel whenever needed to call direct?

Things that can make you fail an employment background check

How fast will you get back to us as a Service Level Agreement guarantee? Do you send court runners into all of the county court houses nationwide, as a primary step of each package containing county criminal courts, when those courts are not on real-time data? By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon. By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Search Career Advice. Advice Workplace Starting a Job. Things that can make you fail an employment background check A background check for a job is more than likely in your future.

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