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Local land charges search. Page Content. The register holds information about: Planning permissions or conditions which will affect your use of the property or land. Financial charges or debts which you'll become liable for if you buy the land.

How to request a search

Proposals to build new infrastructure in the surrounding areas, such as a new road or train track. Trees on the property which are protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Who maintains the road and footpath outside the property. Whether the property is a Listed Building.

Local Authority

If the house or land is in a conservation area. Why request a local land charge search When you buy a property or a piece of land, it's important a local land charge search is carried out so you can find out if there are any issues affecting the land or property. Conduct a personal local land charge search Anyone can carry out a search of the local land charge register FREE of charge.

No appointment is required The system is available 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday Assistance can be given when logging on by customer advisors in the central reception area The agent must interpret the information given and the officers of the Council are not obliged to interpret the information on their behalf Request an official local land charge search You can ask us to search the local land charge register for you.

To request an official local land charge search: Your solicitor will usually request a search for you, however, you can also request a search yourself.

Our commitment to you

The Local Land Charges Register and associated records are maintained and updated on a daily basis. This is a full and comprehensive search of the council's property records.

Can I submit an electronic search request?

We answer a series of questions contained in form CON29, Enquiries of a local authority. Forms are usually submitted to us through a solicitor, licensed conveyancer or legal practitioner. These entries are searched to make sure there are no hidden surprises such as:. It is not possible to answer all of the CON29 questions by simply inspecting public records.

Local Authority

An additional set of optional questions, CON29 part 2, can be submitted if solicitors require specific additional information. We can answer these and solicitors' own questions on payment of the relevant fees. See our scale of fees for the cost of a standard search our full and comprehensive search comprising form LLC1 and CON29 Part 1, edition.

To help home buyers understand the facts about property searches, Land Data have prepared a guide to searches, available here. The official Local Land Charges Certificate is a record of all the local land charges registered against the property.

The register contains:. To perform a local search, please send us an email containing:. A personal search is a personal inspection of all the data required to compile a property search enquiry. Personal searches are usually carried out by a private search company, who use the information as part of their own property search and may charge you a fee for providing this service.

A procedure note will be available.

Personal searches are not covered by Section 10 3 of the Local Land Charges Act , which relates to compensation for loss.