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If the dog belongs to a neighbor or if you have witnessed an ongoing problem, any information such as the dog owner's address, name, or dog's name and description of the dog is very helpful. The Union County Humane Society is not responsible for enforcement of the Ohio dog licensing or dog at large laws. If you have violated these laws, you may be contacted by the Union County Dog Warden after redeeming your dog from the shelter regarding the enforcement of these laws.

If you don't see a pet fitting your needs, please check back. There are new animals coming in all of the time.

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Many of our pets can be viewed on Pet Finder. Humane law enforcement officers HLEOs are typically fully trained and empowered police officers. Their primary purpose is to enforce laws related to the humane treatment of animals. They investigate allegations of animal abuse and ensure pets are well cared for and protected.

About the Sheriff’s Office

In some cases, HLEOs, who are sometimes called animal cops, may take steps to remove abused or endangered animals from homes and owners. They may also file charges against and arrest those accused of cruelty to animals. Animal cops may be called upon to look into a host of issues related to animal cruelty, including animal hoarding, dog fighting, puppy mills, and maltreatment at rodeos, circuses, and farms. In short, if it involves the potential for harm to animals, humane law enforcement officers investigate it.

The salary of an HLEO depends on experience and geographical area. The figures below are for animal control workers, the vast majority of whom work for a local government. Source: U.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics , No formal education is required for humane law enforcement officers, but certification is required. HLEOs will likely need to undergo a thorough background check. Not everyone has what it takes to be an effective humane law enforcement officer. Here are the qualities and aptitudes a successful HLEO will possess:.

Humane law enforcement officers and agents work primarily outdoors and on patrol. They may at times work from an office while they produce reports and follow up on investigations, but their primary duties are performed in the field. Depending on the state or jurisdiction, animal cops may work directly for a police department, a sheriff's office, a local or county government's animal control office, an animal rights organization, or an animal shelter. While many jurisdictions invest their humane law enforcement officers with full police powers, some may serve as community service officers or animal control officers with limited enforcement authority.

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Humane law enforcement officers may have to work nights, weekends, and holidays, especially if they work for a police department or other law enforcement agency. If you don't have previous work experience in the field, volunteering as a community service officer or at an animal shelter is a good place to start on this career path. The NACA has a job opening search page.

You'll also find open positions on job-posting resources such as Glassdoor , Indeed , and Monster. Create a resume that highlights your strengths and sets you apart from other candidates. Write a cover letter specific to the job; don't send a generic one that shows you didn't take the time to consider the unique aspects of the job.

A second dog warden

People interested in becoming HLEOs might also consider the following jobs. The figures provided are median annual salaries:.

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