Free marriage counseling in fort myers florida

But, the goal is for each of you to feel heard, respected and hopeful about change. I have been working with couples for 22 years and I have seen couples heal. I use techniques gathered from John Gottman, Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, Systems Theory of Change, as well as homework assignments focused on setting aside bits of time to practice communication and to connect.

Client Focus

I am aware that if you have children time is precious and I tailor our work to fit realistically into your week. Whether you are newly partnered or 30 years into a relationship, I believe all couples can learn new behaviors to grow the level of connection and increase satisfaction in your relationship. I hope that couples will feel safe enough to show me in real time what happens when they disagree. A real argument provides the perfect opportunity to change patterns.

Free Marriage Counseling in Fort Myers, FL

I will provide clear boundaries in the session that allow you to feel safe to address a conflict. I will not allow you to speak in an abusive manner. I will point out negative patterns including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Behaviors — stonewalling, criticism, defensiveness and contempt right in my office and help you reword what you say. I believe that if you are ready for change your relationship will improve. Small adjustments can bring about big changes. Research shows that clients often feel more hopeful after the initial phone call to set up an appointment.

Finding the right therapist can take some work.

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Sometimes you need to speak with a few therapists before you find a good fit. I believe I possess the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that invite change to happen. She completed her B. She has a master's degree in theology from Barry University. Her doctoral degree in clinical psychology was earned at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.

An internship at the Pederson-Krag Center in New York began her more than twenty years of experience as a clinician. Her personal interests in art, writing, and meditation practice refuel her and keep her focused. In addition to working with couples, Dr. Thorn works with people from adolescence across the life span.

She feels that becoming happy begins with how we see ourselves and the world. In her work she helps her clients to develop understanding of the world which facilitates their own happiness as well as the happiness of the others in their lives. Areas of particular interest to Dr. Thorn include work with dreams, creativity, and spiritual issues.

She enjoys working with couples, individuals, and families. Her eclectic theoretical perspective draws on principles from cognitive, dynamic, humanistic, Eastern psychology, and Jungian sources. She feels that being able to look flexibly at the real issues in front of her in each moment is enhanced by having familiarity with many different systems of understanding. Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Marriage counseling can address many specific issues including: Communication Problems Learning to disagree without hurting each other Sexual difficulties Learning tools to resolve conflict Conflicts about finances Conflicts about child rearing Blended family issues Anger Infidelity.

Rose Thorn, Psy.

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All Rights Reserved. View Email. I assist clients having issues with anxiety, depression, gender dysphoria, substance abuse, anger management, relationship conflict, and grief.


I understand that each client is unique and work with them to find the best way to achieve their goals, and thoroughly explore all treatment suggestions. Choosing counseling is usually a decision made after the client has explored other methods of resolving the issue; the goal is to find the best solution together as quickly as possible. Shari Chrovian Psychologist , PsyD.

I am a Licensed Psychologist with a doctoral degree and over 15 years of experience supporting my clients to meet their goals. I offer psychotherapy and evaluations for children, adolescents, adults and families. My approach to therapy utilizes a wide range of therapeutic tools including cognitive-behavioral, skills training, interpersonal and family interventions. Within the framework of a safe and private therapeutic relationship, I work to develop a unique treatment plan, using effective strategies to help you to achieve fulfillment.

Let's engage in a you-focused, judgement free, empathetic, skillful and goal directed conversation. Let's work through the dark emotions together. With support it can once again feel safe to rekindle hope and reprocess the felt memories that stick. We will focus on your goals and view you as capable with strengths.

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Hope and healing is possible. Richard S. Paritzky Counselor , PhD. Do you want your job, your relationships or other aspects of your life to be more fulfilling? I am not Dr. Phil and do not have your answers, but I will help find the right answers for you. My theoretical orientation is humanistic, which means that I believe that each of us has the potential to find our own happiness and satisfaction. I utilize many different approaches to help you uncover the obstacles that frustrate you and keep you from finding your path.

On the contrary, therapy is often for healthy people who want to live healthier lives.

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I can help. You have attempted to address the issue but with very little success.

Throughout my years in practice I have helped many individuals successfully get the acknowledgement and acceptance from others, simply by recognizing and assessing their own emotional reactions. Ir can be overwhelming to start a Google search and sift through the numerous bios and still not know where to turn. Anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, relationship problems or even PTSD can affect your life and keep you from the happiness you deserve.

Spending months or years in counseling is a thing of the past. Don't risk your progress to the first person that answers the phone or the one with the cheapest rates. Be sure to ask every therapist you call if they specialize in your specific situation and be sure they explain how. Life has become overwhelming, too many roles and responsibilities causing you to feel a lack of self-control. Anxiety, depression, stress, life changes, relationship problems or even low self-worth can take the positive energy out of a life you have always imagined.

Therapy may seem unnerving, that is why you deserve to receive the best guidance and support. Recent studies have proven the efficacy of tele-therapy and tele-medicine via the internet to the point where it has become a viable alternative and supplement to in-office therapy. Marriage in trouble and help needed understanding differences, communicating effectively, resolving conflict, learning to laugh and "play" and experience greater intimacy, be empowered to make it great again.

Navigating the unchartered waters of parenting and need guidance in the developmental stages, "acting out" teenager, setting boundaries, having realistic expectations and learning to stay connected with your children, or teens come receive guidance, and direction. Family sculpting, psychodrama, relaxation techniques, creativity, and arts used to facilitate healing.